General Management

Rossen Koytchev, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rossen Koytchev is a medical doctor and specialist in Clinical Pharmacology. He is one of the founding members of CCDRD AG and took over the position of CEO in 2001. Rossen has overseen the planning, management, evaluation and medical writing of more than 900 phase I-IV trials.

On behalf of CCDRD AG´s clients, Rossen is directly involved in numerous scientific advice procedures with European regulators.

Operations Management and Information Technology

Wolfram Richter, MD

Chief Operating Officer and Head of IT

Wolfram Richter joined CCDRD in 1990 as the Head of IT, developing biostatistics databases and applications. In 2009 he took on the position as COO. He is a medical doctor with over 15 years of experience in clinical trial management.

Certificates: EMA certified Responsible Person for Pharmacovigilance, GCP, GAMP 5

Business Development

Petra Kowalski, PhD

Director Business Development

Dr. Petra Kowalski is a molecular biologist with PhD in cancer drug research and biotechnology. Petra worked in management positions in product and business development before she joined CCDRD AG in 2012.

Clinical Research

Sacha Arsova, MD, PhD

Head of Clinical Research

Dr. Sacha Arsova is a medical doctor who joined CCDRD AG in 1990. She has taken care of CCDRD AG´s trial management ever since and is an expert in providing clear solutions for every step of a clinical study.

Sacha coordinates her team of project managers and clinical trial assistants.


Clinical Trial Management Department:

  • Dr. Sacha Arsova (Head)
  • Angelika Bronn (Project Manager)
  • Marie-Anne Günther (Project Manager)
  • Mark Montag (Project Manager)
  • Dr. Dirk Rosentreter (Project Manager)
  • Alessia Perrone (Project Manager)
  • Serena Ehret (Clinical Trial Assistant)
  • Maren Hoehne (Clinical Trial Assistant)
  • Ina Lehmann (Coordinating Clinical Trial Assistant)
  • Rene Lehmann (Clinical Trial Assistant)
  • Delia Borowiak (Clinical Trial Assistant)
  • Sylwia Rösler (Clinical Trial Assistant)

Data Management and Statistics

Andrea Caesar

Head of Data Management and Statistics


Andrea Caesar is a mathematician, specialized in statistics. She has worked with CCDRD AG since 2000 and oversees everthing to do with clinical data as well as statistical applications, together with her team.


Data Management and Statistics Department:

  • Andrea Caesar (Head, Statistician)
  • Axel Kempf (Deputy Head, Oracle Clinical Programmer)
  • Jens Stange (Statistician)
  • Stefanie Helbing (Deputy Head, Statistician)
  • Christina Schulz (Process and Data Quality Manager)
  • Christina Gebauer (Data Manager Assistant)
  • Jana Haack (Data Manager)
  • Anika Hofmeister (Data Manager Assistant)
  • Silke Kenzler (Oracle Clinical Programmer)
  • Mandy Kreisel (Data Manager)
  • Elke Maus (Data Manager)

Quality Management

Andrea Bruske

Head of Quality Management

Andrea Bruske is a State-certified food chemist by training. She gained experience in different quality management positions before entering CCDRD AG´s quality department in 2010 where she oversees all quality assurance and quality management procedures.


Quality Assurance Department:

  • Andrea Bruske (Head)
  • Dr. Beata Kirchner (Quality Assurance Manager)